Eric Shiozaki

Salt Lab

Do you want to pay more money than your lab for worse quality? Welcome to Salt Lab! I will personally develop your film slower and sh*ttier than your usual lab, but we’ll both have way more fun doing it. Here are the rules of Salt Lab.

1) The first rule of Salt Lab is you do not talk about Salt Lab

2) This service is only available to the homies, please do not share info about the lab! I have a life (surprising, I know) and a job and cannot take on too many orders. I also operate this lab at a loss as a service to the homies! I know it’s expensive, but you shoot film…

3) I now do 120 film, let’s go!!! Slide, 4×5, 8×10 coming soon! 😉

4) Have no expectations, it may be sh*t or it may be great. I will adjust colors & tones for each image to deliver superb colour accuracy, something your lab does not do

5) Want to develop the film at your crib so you can see the process? Let’s do it, drop a line!

6) If you ship your rolls to me, I will hold on to the negatives and can ship them back at your cost!

7) I will likely develop your roll on the same day, but scanning and processing could take some time. If you need a rush order let me know!

8) If you are based in Edmonton, I will come pick your film up for free! Just let me know when and where!

9) If your roll was shot for business purposes please leave your billing address and details in the message box so I can add that info to your invoice!

10) Working on your film is a collaborative process! To continue to improve, let me know your feedback and preferences so each time we develop together the images only get better! Warmer vs cooler, green vs magenta, sharper vs softer, deeper blacks vs faded blacks, washed out white vs stark white, etc. Please leave a comment if your roll is expired, fogged, went through an x-ray, needs to be pushed/pulled, etc.

I guarantee absolutely NOTHING. Still interested? Place an order you brave soul you! We may not be friends after this…

Alternative Lab Recommendations (Updated Dec 2021)

McBain Camera: 35mm – colour (C41) dev – $9/roll + Scan (Low res)$8/roll – 3 to 4 days ~$17/roll

McBain Camera: High Res Scan +$16/roll – Total ~$25/roll

McBain Camera: 35mm – B&W $12.00/roll + Scan $12.99/roll – 7 to 10 days ~$25/roll

McBain Camera: Push & Pull Processing +$8.00/roll – Cut & Sleeve +$5/roll

London Drugs: 35mm – colour (C41) – $18/roll Develop & Scan

Downtown Camera (Toronto):35mm (C41) dev – $8/roll + Scan $8/roll – 5 to 10 days ~$16/roll

Downtown Camera(Toronto): Standard $8 | Tiff $16 | High Res Tiff $25

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    *Please note online gallery is only available for JPEGS (up to 100MB per photo). Online gallery allows you to privately access your images at any time and they will be stored there indefinitely. Consider this an online photo storage album where you can access all your images at any time. Online gallery also allows you to order prints directly with or without frames, etc. Sample Here!

    After clicking submit (eventually) you will receive an invoice with a breakdown of all costs + tax. Payment can be made via e-Transfer, PayPal, credit card, cash, or cheque. For any digital payments, please send them to Thank you, much love fam!

    Shio means salt in Japanese, hence Salt Lab