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    Shipping Address:
    Eric Shiozaki
    43057 Vedder Mountain Rd,
    Chilliwack, BC,
    V2R 5J8,

    +1 (480) 907-4370


    Standard processing times are 4-14+ days from receiving the film. Rush orders are done same/next day. Max 5 rolls of 35mm or 2 rolls of 120 for rush order per day. For example if you send 10 35mm rolls via rush order, you will get 5 rolls back the first day and then another 5 the next day.

    *For any major variations in film stocks or options, please submit multiple orders. For example if you have a black & white film, and a color film, please submit them as two different work orders. Any film in the order will be processed with your selections. If you want borders on two of your rolls and no borders on another two rolls please submit them as separate work orders. Any C-41 films can be on the same order, film speed, brand, and stock do not matter. For example, Portra 800, Superia 400, Gold 200, Ektar 100 can all be on the same order. E6, BW, ECN-2, etc. please fill out this form as separate orders. Thanks.

    Online gallery is only available for JPEGS (up to 100MB per photo). Online gallery allows you to privately access your images at any time and they will be stored there indefinitely. Consider this an online photo storage album where you can access all your images at any time. Online gallery also allows you to order prints directly with or without frames, etc. Sample Here!

    You will be charged a $50 annual membership fee on your first invoice of the year. This helps to cover cloud storage, and makes the service more viable. Thank you for understanding.

    After clicking submit (eventually) you will receive an invoice with a breakdown of all costs + tax. Payment can be made via e-Transfer, PayPal, credit card, cash, or cheque. For any digital payments, please send them to billing@ericshio.com. Thank you, much love!

    Alternative Lab Recommendations (Updated Dec 2023)

    McBain Camera: 35mm - colour (C41) dev - $9/roll + Scan (Low res) $8/roll - 3 to 4 days ~$17/roll

    McBain Camera: High Res Scan +$16/roll - Total ~$25/roll

    McBain Camera: 35mm - B&W $12.00/roll + Scan $12.99/roll - 7 to 10 days ~$25/roll

    McBain Camera: Push & Pull Processing +$8.00/roll - Cut & Sleeve +$5/roll

    Downtown Camera (Toronto): 35mm (C41) dev - $8/roll + Scan $8/roll - 5 to 10 days ~$16/roll

    Downtown Camera (Toronto): Scanning - Standard $8 | Tiff $16 | High Res Tiff $25

    Downtown Camera (Toronto): Push & Pull Processing +$3.50/roll - Cut & Sleeve +$2/roll

    London Drugs: 35mm - colour (C41) - ~$23/roll Develop & Scan