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Packing List Template

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The key to packing is staying organized and efficient. This list will help you stay on track and find items that are unnecessary or excessive in weight. This packing list will track quantity of items, weight of items, and an estimate on percentage of items packed. You can expand or reduce the size of each list, rename a list, or delete any unnecessary lists. The packing list template is only available for Apple Numbers and will not work in Microsoft Excel. The packing list can also be used on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

To save the list as a template, open the file in Apple Numbers. Navigate to File > Save As Template and then rename the file to your choice. Next time you open a new document in Numbers you can choose the packing list template to create a new list. As you create more and more lists, you can transfer the weight and data from one list to another. Likely many items will be the same across trips and it’s easy to have them already embedded. Good luck and feel free to send me a DM @ericshio if you have any issues, questions, or recommendations.

Always enter item weight in grams. The template will automatically convert the final weight to kilograms and pounds. When entering the weight of an item with multiple quantities, simply enter the weight of a single item and the spreadsheet will calculate the total weight based off of the quantity of items.

The packing list is available for free and is not for re-sale. Enjoy!


1 review for Packing List Template

  1. Michael Dietrich

    A tool which I would have loved years ago! Brilliant work 10/10 recommend!

    • Eric Shiozaki (verified owner)

      Thanks so much Mike! Glad to hear that it will help you out! Can’t imagine the logistics of van life! Cheers dude!

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